My Amazing Room



This is a diagram of my room. I drew it as a school assignment when I was learning about maps in second grade. I added a compass, a title, and a key. This is not what my room looks like now because I redid it and I have a few new things because of Christmas and my birthday.

Age: 8

Punk Girl



I did my punk girl at school. She has a pretty spiked collar and high-top shoes. She has a streak of green in her hair and she has two chains pins on her jacket that say “vote me.”

Age: 7

The Candy Bed



This is a picture of a candy bed. On the comforter there is a candy cane, a bubble for bubblegum, a gummy Coke bottle, and a peppermint. The top of the bed is made out of melted chocolate and chocolate pieces.

Age: 6

The Chinese Dresses



These are dresses that I wanted my friend Sophie and me to wear for the Chinese New Year parade and we never really wore those dresses but I wanted my friend Sophie to wear the red one that is not long and I wanted to wear the one that is long.

Age: 6

My Garden



Rainbow flowers are cool. Green and brown flowers are pretty. Light pink and dark pink and purple flowers are handsome. Dark pink, light pink, and yellow flowers are the best. Sugar is sweet and so are you.

Age: 5

Four Beautiful Pieces of Clothing



The piece of clothing with the yellow sleeveless shirt and the skirt is called “The Swirl.” The one next to it that is orange sleeveless with a black and blue striped bow and bluejeans is called “The Heart.” The other dress next to it is called “Golden” and the shirt and pants next to Golden is called “Rainbow Heart.”

Age: 6