My Amazing Room



This is a diagram of my room. I drew it as a school assignment when I was learning about maps in second grade. I added a compass, a title, and a key. This is not what my room looks like now because I redid it and I have a few new things because of Christmas and my birthday.

Age: 8

The Cupcake

Art by Request


This is a picture of a cupcake. It is a vanilla cupcake with strawberry frosting, rainbow sprinkles, and a cherry on top. The reason that there is money laying next to it is because somebody is in-progress of paying for it.

Age: 8

Requested by: Kendall McCluney

My Halloween Bag

Special Occasions


This is a decorated Halloween bag. It was for the trick or treat party at my school. Everybody brought candy and decorated paper bags and we would come and drop our candy in people’s bags. Unfortunately, I was sick on Halloween so I could not attend the trick or treat party, but my mom still dropped off my treat bag at school so that people could put candy in it and the next day there was a bag full of candy on my desk.

Age: 8